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Use a Lubricating and Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser.

With the air temperature turning colder you’ll need more protection for your skin to stay firm and plump. No need to suffer that dull, dry, flaky skin look that so often accompanies Fall’s cold winds.

So stay away from harsh, abrasive soaps and cleansers that strip away moisture from your skin. Use Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser by Beauty Skin for Life which gently heals and nourishes your skin while it’s cleaning. Daily cleansing with the right facial cleanser helps protect you skin even in cold weather.

Clean up Old Sun Spots from the Summer Sun. 

Free radicals have damaged your skin, blotches and even too many flecks can take away from that beautiful healthy skin look that we strive for. Fall is a good time for Beauty Skin For Life’s Age Spot and Skin Lightening Cream. This great product hydrates the skin and lightens pigmentation, fades dark spots and sun spots while restoring brilliance to drab skin. Contains no bleaches or Hydroquinone to harm your skin, this cream is safe for daily use.

Treat Yourself to an Awesome Moisturizer.

Falls and Winter temperatures along with indoor heating during colder weather can really do a number on your skin, robbing it of its moisture. Dry, flaky skin is not the look anyone is going for this season! Day Magic Eye Cream and Moisturizer to the rescue. It’s high potency peptides, natural Retinol & other organics are firming and moisturizing. This one product gives your skin the best protection any time of year. Day Magic is a lightweight fine cream designed for daily use and you can apply your makeup right over it.

Drink Lots of Water.

Of course you have heard that one over and over but it’s still true. Drinking lots of water is great protection for your skin and the rest of you as well. 5 ounces per pound of body weight is a good rule of thumb and gives you a way to correctly tailor how much water you should drink each day. Your skin needs moisture from the inside also.


Exercise is just plan good for you. Don’t let the fall in temperature interrupt your exercise routine. If it gets too cold outside then move inside but keep exercising. It is the increase in circulation and increase in muscle strength that enhances and protects your skin as well.

Enjoy this Fall and Winter and Have Beautiful Skin.

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