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protects us from bacteria and other harmful microbes. It removes toxins from the body through the sweat glands. It is the outside layer of the body and helps in the regulation of the body’s temperature,  controlling the fluid and electrolyte balance.  It’s via the skin that we get the sensations of heat, cold and touch.

The second outermost layer of skin is called the Epidermis. This outer layer acts as a waterproof barrier and protects us from the elements. Our skin tone and skin color is create from pigment melanin produced by Melanocyte cells which are found in this outer layer. In the Epidermis new cells are always growing, this forces the older cells to the surface of the skin. If this cycle of new to old skin cells is functioning as it should then the old cells are being shed regularly but if it is not functioning properly your skin tone becomes dull, pasty and very flaky. As a person gets older this function tends to deteriorate so we go looking for the best anti aging cream we can find.


The third thing to know is how the dermis (the second or middle skin layer) is different from the outermost layer of skin we just talked about.  It is the dermis layer that provides nutrients to the epidermis layer. In this interlocking junction of dermal to epidermal are ridges that allow the epidermis layer to get nutrients from blood vessels that are located in the dermis layer.

The dermis has different types of connective tissue. Skin gets its strength and firmness from collagen fibers in this connective tissue. Whereas hyaluronic acid (HA) helps hydrate and give skin elasticity. You will find collagen and hyaluronic acid in many of the best skin care products. The dermis also contains oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles, and nerves.


Forth is the innermost layer of skin, the subcutaneous layer, also called hypodermis and is located below the dermis. The subcutaneous layer is mostly made up of fat cells, connective tissue and blood vessels. It’s this layer that insulate the body and helps waterproof the skin. This subcutaneous layer give skin that plump, full and youthful appearance.


And last but not least: Since each layer of skin contains connective tissue which need collagen fibers for support and elastin fibers for flexibility and strength you begin to see the importance of skin care. You can begin to understand that it’s important to know what’s in the anti aging skin care products you choose. Your skin is the bodies outer covering and it says a lot about you, for example your age or apparent age, your health and vibrancy.

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